WICKED PLAN - Music Video

"Wicked Plan with Monsters of Metal!"

Music Video with the track "Wicked Plan" of the WICKED PLAN album 'Out Of Fire'


Concert video

Here's a very cool produced 5' video with clips from our gig at the SWISS METAL ATTACK FESTIVAL in 2016! Check it out and bang your head \m/


Making-Of Video

See how we made our music video! Meet the "Monsters of Metal" and the members of WICKED PLAN in unseen situations 😉

Dragon Eye

Lyrics Video

Can you see yourself in the dragon's eye?
Then you're the one
Look in the dragon's eye
You will lead the dragon thru the battle of lies
Look in dragon's eye


Ed Cuennet (Bass), Natali Keller (Vocals), Dan Keller (Guitars), Sven Imsand (Drums)

      WICKED RADIO (plays through all songs from the album Our of Fire)

From the album 'Out Of Fire'