New Album LAND ON FIRE and new Homepage

Welcome! This is the first news on our new homepage for the album LAND ON FIRE

2017 was a very successful song writing year for WICKED PLAN. Dan has written 12 killer songs for the new album which will be released in 2019. While Natali crafted lyrics from vikings, wonderlands, super heroes and other fantastic topics, Ed on bass and Sven on drums created an powerful base for all the melodic stuff Natali and Dan are unleashing from the first to the last song of the LAND ON FIRE album.

You know that the current album a band is working on is always “the best we’ve ever done” ๐Ÿ™‚ But this one really is ๐Ÿ˜€  Guys, really, this one continues the journey started with the OUT OF FIRE album to a higher level of intensity, speed and emotion. Give it a quick listen and you’ll hear what I’m talking about \m/

The LAND ON FIRE album is a journey from 80ies Hard’n Heavy vocals and riffs to speedy Power Metal, with artful integration of melodic elements from Baroque music.