WICKED PLAN - Intense Melodic Metal

Established in 2012 by Natali Keller and Dan Keller to form a high caliber Melodic Metal band.

Natali Keller, the singer with the powerful voice, studied Music at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) and brings a lot of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal experience to the stage. Influenced mainly by singers like Dio and Bruce Dickinson, Natali performs extremely expressive in all registers.

Guitar virtuoso and songwriter Dan Keller lets his guitar scream and sing. Dan's compositions and guitar playing are mainly inspired by Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch and the big composers from the Baroque period. Dan creates a distinctive blend of Heavy Metal and Classical elements with very strong melodies and high intensity.

Ed Cuennet entered the band in early 2016. He brought a new tone, drive and presence to the songs - powerful and melodic at the same time. With his experience of over 20+ years in various bands and musical styles Ed is an essential pillar of WICKED PLAN.

Sven Imsand joined WICKED PLAN as our emergency-drummer in 2017. With his incredible fast'n furious Power Metal drumming Sven adds a ton of energy and drive to the songs. On the album LAND ON FIRE, Sven is really on fire! 

Find below more information about the band members.

Natali Keller (Vocals)

„I have always been fascinated to sing Heavy Metal with a hard sound - like many men and strong singers do. And with WICKED PLAN I can live it out finally. "A female singer can hardly produce the typical metal frequencies and sounds before she is able to sing with the technique of a male singer!" Because in the end she has to win the battle against rattling drums, a pumping bass and screaming guitars!“

Natali is a founding member of WICKED PLAN and is shaping the sound and the energy level of WICKED PLAN with her voice massively.

As a teenager Natali has started singing in different bands. In 2002 Natali has started the project „Queen of Nile“, together with Dan. The name "Queen of Nile" is reflecting Natali's affinity to the Egyptian culture, and one can clearly hear and read this in several lyrics.

Natali has studied music and vocals in the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) with Tommy Lion (ex-Drifter, Stormhammer, ManAPrime) and has also recorded with Tommy Lion.

Natali offers vocal lessons and vocal coaching (via skype) and is currently working at TRITONE School of Music.

Dan Keller (Guitars, Orchestra Programming)

Dan is a founding member and the composer/guitar player of WICKED PLAN. Inspired by musicians like Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch and the great composers of the Baroque era, Dan is creating an artful mix of melodic Heavy Metal, 80ies Hard Rock and Baroque/Neoclassical elements.

Beside Dan's composition skills, his biggest capital is the intensive and expressive guitar playing which - over time - brought him requests from several music projects.

Dan was "Artist of the Month" on Guitar9, the - at that time - biggest portal for instrumental guitar music. Shortly after that Dan has been asked to record the song „Dweller in the Cellar“ for the Japanese release of the Jason Becker Tribute album.

„Electric Storm“ was Dan's first solo album. Then he started working with Natali on the Exotic Metal projekt „Queen of Nile“.

Dan has a "Professional Guitar Performer" diploma from the US SCHOOL OF COMMERCIAL MUSIC and has taken guitar lessons with Victor Smolski (ex-Mind Odyssey, ex-Rage, Almanac).

Since the early 90ies Dan is providing guitar lessons, currently for the TRITONE School of Music (via skype and locally in Switzerland).

For more information about Dan visit www.dankeller.com or follow him on www.facebook.com/DanKellerMusic

Ed Cuennet (Bass)

Even as a child, Ed had a special sensitivity for low frequencies. "That's what I always hear first, and what affects me...". It must be said that he was rocked with the sound of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep. "This helps !!!"

As a teenager, while he studied classical guitar and jazz bass at the Conservatory of Fribourg (Switzerland), Ed made his debut in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Strongly inspired by Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, he developed his play technique, his sense of harmony and the melodic use of the bass guitar.

After 20 years of playing with blues, hard, heavy & thrash bands and several concerts, he devoted a great part of his time to solo music and experimental sampling.

Ed entered WICKED PLAN in early 2016. He brought a new tone, drive and presence to the songs - powerful and melodic at the same time.

Beside music, Ed is an avid motorcyclist and a true tattoo addict. Ask him, and he will show you some ... maybe!!!

Sven Imsand (Drummer on LAND ON FIRE)

Sven played the drums on the LAND ON FIRE album and is now an WICKED PLAN emergency drummer, supporting WICKED PLAN on gigs whenever  possible. His incredible versatile drumming style, his fast and furious breaks and relentless drive is one of the trademarks of the LAND ON FIRE album (2018).